The Downside of Valet Parking

What seemed to have started as an extended service to esteemed customers at restaurants, airports or social clubs, valet parking has transformed to become a much-valued profession. While its advantages cannot be understated, many people who use the service do not take their time to think of the downside of the service. Like any other service offered in a public place, valet parking is bound to come along with its own bunch of challenges or rather, dangers.

Exactly what are the dangers that would likely be associated with valet parking? According to one bay area valet parking service, many establishments usually outsource the employment of valets to service providers rather than employing them themselves. In doing so, the establishments put their trust in the service provider companies to do a good job. Therefore, they are less concerned with who the valets are. What if criminals are sent by the service providers as valets? The answer is simple. You become very vulnerable to losing your car or other valuables inside. this is not only risky to the customers but also to the company because such events would dent their reputation.

Moreover, valet parking service providers do not accept any liabilities that are associated with the service. While exchanging the car keys with the parking card, take a moment and read the nicely designed card. The company shall take no responsibilities for damaged or lost cars or even the property inside. While this may not bother many, think of leaving your car with an unknown person who is not ready to take responsibility in case of anything. Why should you then trust him? To me, this is surprising owing to the fact that customers part with handsome cash to get the service. in this regard, they ought to be protected from eventualities. The risks are not only about losing the car or contents to criminals but also damages to the car. For instance, I have witnessed severally accidents being committed by the valets at the parking. So, imagine a situation where you pay for the service but get liabilities.

Although the valet parking service is a much-appreciated venture in today’s business and corporate world, there are risks that customers take on the moment they hand over their keys. Therefore, think twice before you are blinded by the warm handshake and broad smile of the valet.