The Downside of Valet Parking

What seemed to have started as an extended service to esteemed customers at restaurants, airports or social clubs, valet parking has transformed to become a much-valued profession. While its advantages cannot be understated, many people who use the service do not take their time to think of the downside of the service. Like any other service offered in a public place, valet parking is bound to come along with its own bunch of challenges or rather, dangers.

Exactly what are the dangers that would likely be associated with valet parking? According to one bay area valet parking service, many establishments usually outsource the employment of valets to service providers rather than employing them themselves. In doing so, the establishments put their trust in the service provider companies to do a good job. Therefore, they are less concerned with who the valets are. What if criminals are sent by the service providers as valets? The answer is simple. You become very vulnerable to losing your car or other valuables inside. this is not only risky to the customers but also to the company because such events would dent their reputation.

Moreover, valet parking service providers do not accept any liabilities that are associated with the service. While exchanging the car keys with the parking card, take a moment and read the nicely designed card. The company shall take no responsibilities for damaged or lost cars or even the property inside. While this may not bother many, think of leaving your car with an unknown person who is not ready to take responsibility in case of anything. Why should you then trust him? To me, this is surprising owing to the fact that customers part with handsome cash to get the service. in this regard, they ought to be protected from eventualities. The risks are not only about losing the car or contents to criminals but also damages to the car. For instance, I have witnessed severally accidents being committed by the valets at the parking. So, imagine a situation where you pay for the service but get liabilities.

Although the valet parking service is a much-appreciated venture in today’s business and corporate world, there are risks that customers take on the moment they hand over their keys. Therefore, think twice before you are blinded by the warm handshake and broad smile of the valet.

Is a valet parking service necessary?

Everybody is getting tired from cruising around the neighborhood, searching for a parking spot in a crowded area. After an exhausting quest, you finally settle with a spot that is a few blocks away from your destination. That is the reason why valet parking is a big trend now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to fade. If there is someone who doesn’t know what is valet parking- valet parking is a service offered by restaurants, stores, supermarkets, etc. that replaced self-parking and customer’s car is parked by a valet, an employee who parks your car instead of you. Restaurants that have this service are more popular and are considered to be luxurious and more convenient than the ones that don’t offer this kind of service. It is mostly popular in North America but it’s popularity is constantly on the rise and it’s getting more and more popular in countries through the world.


Valet parking: Is it important?

Offering valet parking services at your business is one way of improving customer experience. If you own a restaurant and don’t provide this service, you could create a good impression of your business if you start offering it today.

Gives customers easy access to your business

Valet parking is one way to offer your customers easy access to your restaurant. Even if your business is located in the city center, clients will not have to worry about the parking space or how to access the place. Your customers can make their way into your business regardless of the time of the day they want to visit.

Makes customers feel at ease

Valet parking is another way to make clients feel comfortable and stay longer without having to worry about their vehicles. Some customers do not trust leaving their vehicles in garages that are not attended. It makes them stay for some time because they know their cars are safe.

If you didn’t know how important it could be for your business to offer valet parking services, now you know.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Valet Parking Service for My Upcoming Event?

One of the ways businesses succeed or rather distinguish themselves from their competitors is by offering extra services that make customers and clients feel valued and appreciated. By providing your guests with valet parking at your event, you’ll be offering them an extra service that will impact their experience on that special day. Like any business, you should aim at setting up a warm and positive atmosphere before your loved ones and guests reach your doorstep.

If you’re planning to have a wedding celebration in the near future, it’s important that you ensure that your friends and family members have the best experience and exciting memories about the event. Providing them with favorable parking will give them the hospitality and luxury of the experience. Note that valet parking can also be used by different downtown hot spots including restaurants, hotels, theaters, bars, and event spaces. Here are the advantages of hiring a professional valet parking service at your upcoming event.

Your Guests Won’t Start Angling for the Best or Favorable Parking Spots

If you’ve ever been to an event without proper parking space, you must have realized that everyone, upon arrival, wanted the most favorable parking place. In most cases, this results in tempers to flare and even spoils the entire experience one has at the event. You don’t want your guests to have a hard time trying to look for the most secure spots. When you hire a professional valet service, all your guests will have the opportunity to exit their vehicles near the entrance point of your event and retrieve them at the same place as soon as the event closes or ends.

Safety of Vehicles

Most guests have had worst experiences at wedding celebrations and other events after their vehicles were either damaged by unknown individuals or some of their items stolen. You’ll be surprised to learn that even the most enjoyable event will leave some guests with bad experiences. Professional valet attendants are always on the watch to ensure the parking areas is safe from vandalism or theft. Your guests’ vehicles and items will, therefore, be safer.

Your Guests will Feel Valued and Appreciated

The simple task of providing a professional valet parking service at your wedding or event will leave your guests happy and feel appreciated. This is a simple action but a classy thing to do. It will not only make them be at peace about their vehicles but also give them good memories about your event. Valet parking sets up a lasting impression for everyone who attends your event.

Valet parking service can also be used for business organizations as it helps in elevating the status of the business. By using a professional valet parking service, your clients and customers will be welcomed by a pleasant smile and kind gesture before they reach your business establishment. This creates a lasting first and final impression and contributes to your business’s exceptional customer service experience.